Some Like It Blue

A LOT of time and effort went into my Mystique cosplay.  My mom, who is the best seamstress I know, helped me make the jumpsuit from scratch, which took about 70 hours to complete.  It’s made from mostly colored denim material, with bits of pleather added in for the elbow and knee pads. We also made the suspenders and belt, and secured them in place so that they wouldn’t keep falling off my shoulders, or slipping up onto my waist.  It was not an easy project, but it was worth every minute! 

My dad actually helped me with making the ports in the front of the suit, using parts found at an auto shop.  They were then sewn into the jumpsuit!

The wig started off as a very long, curly wig.  In fact, it was a Matilda ( from Arda Wigs!  I cut it, styled it, and also cut the front to form a widow’s peek.  Then, I added a LOT of product, to keep that gelled back look that Mystique’s hair always has.

And the makeup - my favorite part - takes two hours to apply each and every time.  I use Mehron’s Paradise Makeup AQ in Azur blue as the base color, and mold each scale separately out of Mehron’s Extra Flesh, placing them in the same basic patterns that are seen in the movies.  I then set the scales with Fixative A, a prosthetics adhesive.  After it all dries, I paint over the scales again with Azur blue.   Then, using a paint brush, I paint the scales with Dark Blue to contrast with the lighter base color.  Extra small scales are painted on, and the lips are darkened.  I also use a very small paint brush to color the dark blue around my eyes as I would with eyeliner.  A video tutorial of this process can be viewed here:

Despite being an extremely rigorous process, I think this in my favorite cosplay yet.  The colors really draw me in, and I hope you love it as much as I do! 

And also, a huge thanks to my wonderful photographer, Siffy, who always brings out the best in me!

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