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If you ran into this in a dark cave, what would your reaction be?

  1. 0ziimo answered: "shit I can’t see….eh? what’s that?"
  2. kohlel answered: Holy shit, I don’t have my greataxe!
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  4. brightlady-lise answered: Run the other way screaming.
  5. formerlyformerlyftstreetfanclub answered: Depends. On this planet I’d be like “Well met, citizen, what hite ye?” but if I was someplace unknown I’d try that while being wary?
  6. greyloch answered: Helloooo, beautiful! What’s an evil elf like you doing in a dark cave like this? ;-)
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    KILL IT!
  9. corporal-levis-fine-booty answered: *screams* *wets pants* *faints*
  10. loki-dark-god-of-lies answered: "do you have a moment to talk about taking over asgard with me?"
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  12. askcallie answered: Hide, probably.
  13. perfectly-weak answered: I
  14. rblemoyne answered: DARK ELF! *tacklehug* :D
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