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Said Matt Smith’s Face Bothers Me…

…INSTANTLY lost three followers. 

Hah!  Sorry — didn’t mean to offend.  I just prefer other Doctors more. 


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    you are not alone! (Yana)
  3. thatclimberguy said: Given most tumblr posts, I thought it was just me. Glad to know it’s not.
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    but bowties are cool…
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  6. koneko-neko said: Matt Smith- although funny- is not a looker. We got Tennat for that lol Don’t feel bad they just weren’t cool enough.
  7. shadedareas said: Wow… seriously? That’s impressive.
  8. cankerinahedge said: The guy can’t help his face, but it’s okay to prefer other Doctors. ^_^ One never really knows why people unfollow though (unless they tell you)…
  9. tsukikomumai said: 9 FOR LIFE BABY!!
  10. howling-heart said: The bloke doesn’t have eyebrows. What ISN’T weird about that?
  11. theardentphoenix said: 9 FTW!!
  12. jestermd said: You and I are the same in this thinking.
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