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For those of you who asked to see a picture of my hubby, here you go.  ^_^

We went on a river cruise last night for a work function and had this picture taken.  We hardly ever have pictures taken together, so I was like, “PERFECT opportunity to share with Tumblr!”  Lol. 

He’s a professional pianist, and has been playing for 18 years.  :)  We met through a mutual friend who was in a touring group with him.  We’ve been married for 2.5 years as of right now. 

*An added note to answer many question — I’m 23 and a half years old.  ^_~  I got married when I was 21!

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    well, loki IS frost giant…
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    Yes, my friend. I am indeed married to Jon Snow. Which makes me… Lopti Snow. ^_~
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  7. vampkat00 said: dwah this is was a wonderful supirse to know this about you. you guys are adroible.
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    He’s got a spiffy coat!
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