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Out of my collection of alien cupcakes, which is your favorite?  Classic aliens?  Daleks?  Or Frost Giants?

Also, what kind should I make next?!

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  6. quietcoimetromaniac answered: I like the Daleks best! You should do D&D dice next =D
  7. matokin answered: something star trek related
  8. chaoticghost answered: A pokemon
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  10. imparfaitemortelle answered: Daleks! so cute xD
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  12. jennmedeiros answered: OMG jumps you for those dalek cuppycakes and bakes you brownies instead my brownies are bangin.
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  14. wooftaur answered: DALEKS! These are amazing! You should totally do the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters! :D
  15. lmdhawk answered: The Daleks, 100%.
  16. greyloch answered: I love the little Daleks.
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  18. sureshotlefty22 answered: aww i love them all! dark elf? loki helmet? maybe x men
  19. beautiful-remains10 answered: I like the frost giants :3
  20. go-to-whenourbodiesdouble said: These are gorgeous! What do you use to create the height?
  21. halegates answered: DOCTOR WHO :D
  22. shadedareas answered: The daleks are my favs. I think next you should make some Ood.
  23. livingasheth answered: I like the Daleks. You should make cybermen! Or those little green guys from Toy Story. That’d be super cute. =]
  24. teavenger answered: Frost Giants, but they are all amazing!! :)
  25. stormraven24 answered: The Dalek ones are my fave. Make vampire bunnies next!
  26. sonicseeker answered: Those aliens from A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Make those.
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