Some Like It Blue

A list of my favorite board games:

  1. Agricola
  2. Settlers of Catan
  3. Acquire
  4. 7 Wonders

All amazingly geeky, and SO much fun!  Have you played any of them?

  1. the-lisan-al-gaib answered: i play catan occasionally, but recently was introduced to a game called Ticket To Ride, you would like it if you like Catan
  2. carry-on-my-wayward-heart answered: 7 Wonders is AWESOME! Have you played the Leaders expansion yet?
  3. travelinfolkie answered: You’re one of my favourite persons now. You like Agricola, Acquire and 7 Wonders! XD Have you tried Pandemic?
  4. askcallie answered: Can’t say I have…tho I don’t play many board games anymore…
  5. pyrocrayons answered: I’ve played agricola
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  7. irdeadite answered: Never even heard of em.
  8. quincy134 answered: I’ve played 7 Wonders and Agricola, both fun. My fave German style board game is Ticket to Ride.
  9. shadedareas answered: I adore Catan. I haven’t played the others.
  10. cilone answered: I only got to play settlers once, but I’d love to be able to relearn it, also to try out the other games.
  11. tsukiniji answered: Catan is really an amazing board game! but i don’t know the others.
  12. loki-haas-the-tardis answered: I play settlers all the time with my dad and step mom. I love it.
  13. quietcoimetromaniac answered: The only one I’ve played is Catan, though I’m still very much a n00b with it.
  14. vampyrebytes answered: I’ve played Settlers, it was fun.
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