Some Like It Blue

I love Christmas…

What is your favorite thing about the holiday season?

  1. prussia13 answered: Spending time with family & playing games
  2. dnovess answered: you dressed as an elf
  3. askcallie answered: The candy, and the radio playing Christmas songs.
  4. superwholock-fandomhipster-jedi answered: christmas time is…. TURBO TIME!!
  5. kfchurch answered: The snoooow!!! Unfortunately my area of the Northeast isn
  6. sureshotlefty22 answered: santa seeing family SNOW!!!!! i love everything about this season
  7. marionemesis answered: I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but I really love egg nog. I think what I like best is the whole holiday season ambience.
  8. wookmuff answered: cute cosplay girls dressed as elves? :)
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  10. snowwhitetigerlilly answered: Christmas food and Christmas music. Also, decorating our tree. and snow if we have it.
  11. mischief-loki answered: The kind of cocolate you can only buy in winter. And Christmas Markets.
  12. vampkat00 answered: Literally dressing up like an elf.
  13. werewooftaur answered: YOU ARE
  14. stormraven24 answered: When it’s over :P (But seriously, I have issues with the “holiday season”, although i do like my family being home from school for a while.)
  15. silverinsanity answered: Everyone is in a good mood. :)
  16. whenthegjallarhornsounds answered: WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY
  17. thegeekymaninblack said: The Grinch, and The Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
  18. lettylederp answered: I hate xmas, but i love the food.
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