Some Like It Blue

What would you rather have?  An army of Frost Giant cupcakes?  Or an army of Dalek cupcakes?

  1. vampyrebytes answered: They both look great, but I’m more partial to the Whovian side, so Daleks for me!
  2. cranstonsnord answered: The frost giant ones are probably too big to eat, the Daleks too crunchy…but with a squishy center. So I’ll go with the Daleks.
  3. grassangel answered: Daleks! They can be exterminated by eating them.
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  5. thordogofthunder answered: Daleks!
  6. lmdhawk answered: yes
  7. icequeen102990 answered: There going to get eaten either way…
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  9. phantomhoe answered: dalekdalekdalekdalek
  10. coldrottingtrees answered: tough choice but I like the army of Frost Giants ^_^
  11. whatwouldibewithoutdisney answered: Daleks
  12. atomickitten10 said: Daleks!~
  13. struckhoff said: Daleks!
  14. three-trapped-tigers answered: daleeeeeeeeeeeek ones :D
  15. otakubarto answered: Both. Both is good.
  16. let-the-children-boogie answered: DALEK
  17. askcallie answered: They both look delicious, I’ll take either. X3
  18. kiracake answered: Dalek cupcakes..I’m sorry Frost Giants v.v
  19. sureshotlefty22 answered: both! :) if thats a choice
  20. draconicanimagus answered: Dalek
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  22. duchessholmes answered: Um both?
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  25. theblazingglaciers answered: I’d take the Daleks.
  26. princessandroid said: is that loki i see
  27. ladyofoverwood answered: Dalek
  28. alythekitten answered: Aww the frost giant are cute! XD
  29. bythe-outsider answered: Doesn’t matter to me. I’d eat both of them right away…
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  31. teamponytail answered: Oh my stars choosing between these why would you ask me such a cruel question
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