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To answer your questions about ‘coons…

1.  Yes, it is legal where I live to own one.  You just have to be able to obtain a license.  Check.

2.  Yes, I’ve read about raccoons for years, and I definitely know all of their “bad habits”.  But given I’ll be able to provide 100% supervision for the little guy, and he’ll have his own “habitat house” for the night, I’m fairly certain I can handle it.  Also, I lived with an umbrella cockatoo before, and if there is a high maintenance animal, it’s that one!  I know what kind of time and effort goes into raising an exotic pet!  It’s not easy, it can be frustrating, and you often find yourself running into the room yelling, “Don’t eat my antique steamer trunk!”  But at the end of the day?  It’s totally worth it.  Totally. 

3.  Yes… I’ve had experience with raccoons.  And no, they don’t ALL have rabies, like so many people seem to think they do.  In fact, there are many companion ‘coons who live quite happily with their humans. 

4.  No, I do not think exotic pets are for everyone.  In fact, I would say that about 99% of people should NEVER consider an exotic pet.  They need a special diet, special vet care, constant supervision, a habitat that’s similar to their natural environment, etc.  Most people could never supply that to an animal, and therefore could not offer a suitable home.  But I know my stuff.  I’ve done my reading, and I would never put an animal in a situation that I thought would be less than wonderful.  :)

5.  Raccoons in captivity live about 20 years, if cared for properly.  20 years.  In the wild?  They usually only live 1.8 to 3.1 years.  Yes… that means that ‘coons in good homes live nearly 10 TIMES longer than ‘coons in the wild.  It’s not cruelty.  It’s life enrichment. 

Anyway!  I hope you now see that I’m not some crazy lunatic who thinks she can own an illegal animal that’s going to turn and give her rabies.  Hahah!  And someday, I hope to give some special raccoon a good home.  I just need to buy a house in the country first. 

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    I remember when my uncle saved a baby racoon from a tree and let me go home with it. He was so cute!
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  5. greyloch said: My personal experience with racoons as pets: You probably shouldn’t. Cousin of mine found an orphan and decided to keep him. All went well for about a year. Then he went loco biting everyone (me, too). Was later released back into the wild.
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