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I need your opinions! There is a really big Halloween costume contest for one of my favorite restaurants that I’m interested in entering, and I was wondering…

Should I enter as Loki? Or my Dark Elf?

I’m torn because I know I’m most known for Loki, and people love the Loki costume. But the Dark Elf seems more Halloween-esque in general, and has a very eye-catching look.  Another thing that worries me is there might be other Loki’s, and I’d likely be the only dark elf.

What do you think?

  1. dontsayitmarie answered: The Dark Elf is definitely awesome and pretty unique! I came here from YouTube, by the way. Same username, you know…
  2. locsgirl answered: Go as Loki. You’re more likely to win.
  3. purplemooninthezoo answered: loki
  4. judedavis221b answered: dark elf :) though both are amazing why not take the rod less traveled
  5. mika-aris answered: Dark Elf :)
  6. tazz-dieudonne answered: dark elf
  7. fahrlight answered: Dark Elf!
  8. lovelyapocalypse answered: that Dark Elf costume is a-maaa-zing!
  9. dragoonprops said: Go Loki, people will recognize it with more ease.
  10. marble1783 answered: I’d go with the Elf.. With the Avenger’s movie just coming to DVD, there’s bound to be a couple Loki’s IMO.
  11. figment-of-your-imagination answered: I love both of them but I think the dark elf is more Halloween. Good luck in the costume contest.
  12. vatubarok answered: Dark Elf, most definitely! Me thinks Norse Gods prefer Samhain or the like over Halloween. Your Dark Elf is creepily awesome and fantastic.
  13. epically-scottish-big-b answered: dark elf - definitely
  14. madlyscout answered: Your dark elf costume is really striking and well-done; I’d go for that. :)
  15. bespectacledtitan answered: I think you should go as Loki; it’s a well known character, especially now after The Avengers.
  16. maisaac answered: Go as Dark Elf!
  17. hannahbal-bananabal answered: I vote the Dark Elf, but that might also be because I have a weak spot for them xD
  18. beautiful-remains10 answered: Dark elf
  19. winter-boner answered: I do love your Loki, but I’m going to say Dark Elf. That is extremely eye-catching.
  20. a-cog-in-my-head answered: Change it up, drop the Dark Elf on ‘em. If you can maybe throw a twist on the DE and see what happens. Zombie Dark Elf?
  21. fandoms-will-be-the-death-of-me answered: Loki \o/
  22. flurryofdancingawesome answered: as much as I love you Loki, I’d have to go with the Dark Elf
  23. shutyocakehole answered: BOTH! =) i love how u look in both =)
  24. askcallie answered: You pull off Dark Elf amazingly. I would go as that, and scare the hell outta some people. XD
  25. arpokydirectoroflulz answered: Dark Elf!
  26. stephendann answered: Go Loki, and then when you find other lokis, team up with them until you can convince an entire crowd to kneel before you.
  27. wherethehellisnemo answered: I really like the Dark Elf, it’s original and eye-catching :)
  28. caps-barbershop-quartet answered: Dark elf
  29. spookyqtq answered: Dark elf, love <3
  30. hiddlespooked answered: Dark Elf =D
  31. unconcernedhuman answered: Dark Elf
  32. girleek2 answered: loki! :D
  33. kahnoodling answered: Dark Elf :)
  34. spookykiwi answered: It seems to me that you’re already leaning towards the Dark Elf, so go with that :)
  35. fadedleara answered: Dark elf
  36. tossesr17 answered: I love me some Loki, but I think the Dark Elf. You’ll look amazingggg :)
  37. teavenger answered: You know I love your Loki, but the Dark Elf might stand out more!!!!! :)
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