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Enough people inquired about “take your Jotun to work day”, that I decided I might as well answer it here.

I work with some serious tricksters, and one person everyone likes to prank is my boss.  One day, some of my higher ups called me into their office to discuss a scheme they were conspiring about.  They had seen some of my cosplay pictures, and wanted to know if I would be willing to come in and scare my boss!  I didn’t think they were serious.  They were.

After some planning, they came back to me and let me know that everything had been approved, and all I needed to do was dress up as Jotun Loki and come sit down in a meeting that they were going to call her in for.  Who would I be to turn down such a wonderful opportunity?!  So, a few days later, I dress up during my lunch hour, rush to paint myself up, and head into the meeting.

After a while, the door opens.  I just happened to have my chair turned away from her, so when I swiveled around, it took her a moment to process what she was looking at before she gasped and backed up into the wall!

She then proceeded to point at the guilt party (the guy in the red shirt), laughing as she claimed he had set her up.  He had, and it was hilarious!  ^_^  So, we had a wonderful rest of the day, and it has been declared “National Take Your Jotun to Work Day”.  Celebrate with us next year!  ^_~

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