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The title to the Thor sequel has been announced!

"Thor: The Dark World".  Will it be about Niflheim, with Hela?  Or Svartalfheim, with dark elves?  Either way, I’m thrilled!  Share your thoughts.  What do YOU think it will be about?

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  2. epically-scottish-big-b answered: Svartalfheim I hope. The dark elves are fascinating really.
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  5. fahrlight answered: OH GOLLY! The title is amazing!
  6. diabolic-rapture answered: I can’t wait!! Love it!
  7. timey-spacey-eleven answered: Well,I’ve heard that there will be a new villan it is between Hela and the Enchantress….
  8. ladycomic answered: Thor will probably go back to earth and meet Jane and Darcy again. And maybe he will invite them to Asgard.
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  10. fuckyeah-blackfrost answered: I heard rumors of Lady Loki, but I seriously doubt it.
  11. smiletotheshadow answered: epicness everywhere!
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  13. staciastarburst answered: Obviosuly based from the ending of The Avenger’s. I think his name is Thanos? There is going to be some seriously twisted plots. c;
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  15. hb-rizzle answered: Maybe Thor and The Warriors 3, etc travel to another realm besides Asgard or Earth, and get trapped there, having to make a plan to escape.
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  17. hugsforhiddles answered: Let’s hope Loki is in the movie, possibly Sigyn, and either two of the things you mentioned. ;)
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