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Funny DragonCon story time! It was SUPER hot out, and I was waiting in line for a panel dressed as Selene.  Being a vampire… well… I really needed to stay in the shade, which I’m sure you understand. ^_~  Sadly, there was hardly any shade to be found.  But we did find this tiny corner, just big enough for me to hide.   So I stayed in the corner, and people seemed to get a good laugh out of my vampire-self.  :)

My full Maleficent photoshoot with Leah Kelley Photography is now available on my facebook page!  Stop by and check it out!



I literally do not care that these are out of focus, you can still tell how amazing her cosplay was.

*squee*  I LOVE it when I find pictures people took of me at Cons!! ^_^

Via Rich and Strange Photography

The elemental series is almost complete!  Fire, Earth and Water are all done - Air is next!!!  Which is your favorite so far?

Purple space goat for the win! This is one of the pictures that Siffy (The Sisters Mischief) and I got of my Draenei cosplay from world of Warcraft! I can’t believe how awesome the background looks, given we were just in the hotel! But it actually looks like Exodar!!!

Thanks to [.AsserT-ReVenge.] for the amazing armor, and of course Siffy for the photography!!!


why is this so hard for people to understand

Via Today's Forecast Calls For Blue Skies

*squee* I just received my first Daily Deviation!!! I feel so honored! ^_^
Maleficent by nomokis

Day two of DragonCon was even more epic than day one! Maleficent was a hit, and I really enjoyed getting to spend time with Alix of Derezzed Costumes & Crafts, who made my Maleficent ring and horn rings! A great day was had by all. I’m sure you’ll see more pictures soon!!!

By the way, the other photobomber is my awesome momma, who helped me get around the con today.  It was quite an experience with the wings.  ^_^

I love these pictures. They are a little eerie, but that makes it even better. And another HUGE thanks to Firefly Path for the epic wings and Samhain Contact Lenses for the haunting contacts!!!

Maleficent is finally a reality!!! I just got back from a quick shoot with Leah Kelley Photography, and I’m SO happy to share these with you guys! This… is officially… my favorite cosplay ever.

A huge thanks to Firefly Path for the wings, Samhain Contact Lenses for the lenses, and Boci Art for the horns! Check out their pages to enjoy all their epicness.

The skirt for the Draenei outfit is almost done! Tonight I’ll be sewing my purple horns into my wig, so you can expect a makeup test-run very soon. Of course, with DragonCon less than a week away, I probably should have done that by now! Tsk tsk.

Thanks for [.AsserT-ReVenge.] for the amazing armor!

This is obviously not the full costume test run, but… WINGS! *dies*
I received the wings from Firefly Path today, and I’m thrilled!!! They’re amazing. Ah! I can’t wait to get in full Maleficent gear and take some pictures!!! DragonCon, here I come!!!

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