Some Like It Blue

For all of my fellow Harry Potter lovers! My friend Selphie at Selphie’s Stitches makes AWESOME Hogwarts themed crochet hats! Go check out her page and give her some love!

Here I am sporting my Ravenclaw colors. Do I have any fellow Ravenclaws on my page?

I did some experimenting tonight with fishnet stockings to create scales! I think it turned out pretty cool! This character kinda reminds me of a Naga from World of Warcraft. And Medusa.

The fangs are the Double Snake Bite’s from Kaos Kustom Fangs, and they are epic!

Today I get to brag about my friends and the cool stuff they make. My friend Alix makes the coolest and CUTEST accessories ever. She even made me a custom necklace and earring set that looks like my Persian cat, Wicket (who occasionally wears a bow-tie)! If you are interested in getting awesome custom jewelry, or hobbit hole necklaces, check out her crafting page, Derezzed Costumes & Crafts

I found this guy chillin’ at my mailbox today. He was huge - about the size of my hand. And really fuzzy, too! I named him Marcus. Marcus the moth.

New. Favorite. Contacts. EVER. I just received the pair of contact lenses that I have decided to wear with my Maleficent costume. These are the Mistress of Evil contacts from Samhain Contact Lenses, and they are absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for a better pair of lenses!!!
You’ll see pictures with the makeup soon enough. Keep checking back!!!

I played around with the Maleficent makeup, wig and ears again tonight - this time with the dress! I’m still lacking the horns, contact lenses and wings, but I really love how it has come together thus far! Can’t wait to show you the final product!!!

After my sister’s baby shower, I had a little too much fun with the helium balloons.  This is a totally pointless video, BUT, you might enjoy my chipmunk-voice!  ^_~

My complete Spirit of Earth photoshoot is now in an album on my Facebook page!  Check it out for your daily does of pixie epicness!  ^_^

The nearly complete Maleficent dress, tried on for the first time!!! Ah, I can’t wait to put it together with the makeup, wig, contacts, horns and wings!!!

The Samhain Contact Lenses Facebook page is quickly approaching 15,000 likes!  It has been announced that as soon as they hit 15,000, something REALLY cool will happen.  I don’t know what that cool thing is just yet, but I’m SUPER excited to find out!  If you haven’t yet, go and like their page!  They literally make THE best contacts I have ever worked with.  <3

The complete Spirit of Water photoshoot is now available for viewing on my Facebook page!  Check out the album!

More Maleficent progress pictures! The little details are starting to come into place. I just can’t WAIT to see it with the wings from Firefly Path! Ah!
Another huge thanks to my momma, who is the most talented seamstress I know! She makes these costumes possible. I love crafting with you, momma!

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